Jazmine crosses the Rainbow Bridge to join Oscar and Yogi

JOY Dog Jazmine took her first steps on the Rainbow Bridge last night. After struggling this past week and being unable to stand up on a few occasions I felt it best to end the suffering. I am pleased I could do this for her. Dave Erasmus from Kibler Park Vet was very kind and it was peaceful for her. I am amazed she managed to do the whole country trip to Kimberley and Bloemfontein this past weekend. She did promos for Dulux for over 12 years and I’ll always remember her barking for attention and treats and drawing the crowd. She was an exceptional JOY Dog for 9 years too and certainly enriched many lives with her presence, beauty and abilities.

So now all three of the original JOY Dogs have passed on. It remains for Yola and Orion to carry on the tradition of making everyone happy and I’m sure they will do this admirably.

DSC00285 (Small)

Jazmine when she arrived from Port Elizabeth

DSC01419 (Small)

Jazmine on her 12th birthday

IMG-20191129-WA0011 (Small)

Jazmine’s last day of work – she still looked so good!

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