Lockdown project – cardigan

It took me 3 months to spin and dye Jazmine’s hair and then another month to knit the cardigan.  I had to resize the pattern and this was difficult and I also worried I would run out of spun and dyed hair.  The cardigan came out beautifully and we had some cold weather so I was able to wear it a few times.  I’m proud of the end result and will always think of Jazmine when I wear it.

DSC03733 (Small) DSC03734 (Small)

Here is the project from start to finish

DSC03455 (Small) DSC03061 (Small) DSC03620 (Small)

DSC03574 (Small) DSC03573 (Small) DSC03130 (Small)

DSC03133 (Small)

20200704_110554 (Small)

20200806_141447 (Small) (Small)

DSC03454 (Small) (Small)

20200806_141646 (Small)

20200810_175801 (Small)

20200816_121438 (Small)

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